The application

After UEFA EURO 1988, the DFB (Deutscher Fußball-Bund) is competing to host the European Championship for the second time in 2024. DFB president Reinhard Grindel made a strong statement in declaring the association’s candidacy on March 1st 2017 at the UEFA headquarters in Nyon; all of German football is united in its backing of the application, from the ground up. UEFA general secretary Theodore Theodoridis duly acknowledged the application to host EURO 2024, which had been voted for unanimously by the DFB presidential board on January 20th 2017.

“The UEFA EURO 2024 is a lighthouse project for the entirety of German football,” said DFB president Reinhard Grindel. “It’s a huge opportunity for our country, as the project is not only a goal for the professional game, but above all for grassroots football, for our 25,000 or so amateur teams. All of our internationals began their careers at one of those teams, and the scope for developing young talent within them is exceptional. Children and teenagers see their idols on TV and want to emulate them. Hosting a tournament would encourage even more youngsters to join their local team.”

Germany head coach and World Cup winner Joachim Löw also spoke of the positivity behind hosting the Euros: “We want to invite all of Europe to Germany and show that we are open and friendly hosts, just as we did in 2006. Everyone involved in football in Germany is behind the application, including the national team, of course. Hosting the European Championship in your own country is huge – it’s something we want to experience again after 1988.”

In order to select the ten venues that would be part of the application submitted to UEFA, DFB first conducted a domestic report in collaboration with Transparency International Deutschland. This was an unprecedented approach, guaranteeing transparency and good governance in the application process, in line with the ambitions of the DFB. After all, the notion of openness and inclusion of all social groups should shape not only the tournament, but also the route to hosting it. The DFB’s official application logo was chosen by fans over the amateur football platform FUSSBALL.DE. Over 50,000 users picked their favourite in a week-long vote. The UEFA EURO 2024 should be a celebration of football for all fans, but the competition should also impact on the sport’s powers of integration and contribute towards its sustainable development. Football knows no borders, it transcends them. It can only function as a team sport. Football unites people.

“With the huge love of football in our country, which unites people in all sections of society, our experience organising large events, the participation of volunteers and the active and peaceful fan culture in our big and modern stadia, we know we can make this European Championship a huge success,” said DFB president Grindel.