The UEFA EURO 2020 and the Volunteer Programme

Since many years the UEFA involves volunteers to give the general public the opportunity to experience their events from behind the scenes by getting involved in its operations. For the first time in its history, the tournament takes place in 12 host cities from 12 different countries: for this special edition of the tournament the UEFA aims to implement a memorable Volunteer Programme across all venues, having thousands of Volunteers involved throughout Europe.

The objective of the UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Programme is to integrate and gather the population across Europe, as well as creating a legacy for the host countries. Volunteers act as ambassadors for the event and the Host Cities, putting in practice values of solidarity and fair play which link sport to volunteering.

For UEFA EURO 2020, the volunteers will have a crucial role in the successful organisation. The volunteers will be involved in different projects with various roles, such as ticketing, media operations, spectator services, logistics, transportation and many others.

The UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Programme is implemented in Munich, the only venue in Germany. The German Football Association wants to recruit and motivate a team of 1000 volunteers, giving them a variety of roles in different domains needed for the successful organisation of the tournament.

The ambition is to ensure all participants enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience that may encourage others to volunteer for football events in the future, especially the Volunteer Programme in the UEFA EURO 2024 in ten German cities.

Around 12000 volunteers will be recruited in the 12 venues in Europe, almost 1000 of them will be involved in Munich.

The tournament will take place between 12th June and 12th July 2020. Munich will host four matches, between 16th of June and 3rd of July 2020. You can find more information about the match schedule here.

Tuesday, 16th June, time tbc – Group F match

Saturday, 20th June, time tbc – Group F match

Wednesday, 24th June, time tbc – Group F match

Friday, 3rd July, 21 CET – Quarter final match


The recruitment process is open to everyone willing to participate in the Volunteer Programme, bringing passion, enthusiasm and energy to the tournament. However, eligible candidates need to comply with some basic requirements:



  • Applicants have to be minimum 18 years during the operational period of the tournament (deadline is the 1st of May 2020);


  • Applicants must be able to attend the interviews and the required trainings;


  • Applicants must guarantee full availability on all four match days in Munich and fully committed during the tournament period (May – June 2020), depending on the different roles;


  • Applicants must be able to communicate in English (at an intermediate or advanced level) and German.


  • Any other specific or relevant skill or language will be considered an asset. Please also indicate this in the application form!

For sure. The Volunteer Programme is open for everyone, regardless of age, if they meet the criteria mentioned above. We encourage people of different age, experience and origins to apply. Moreover, we encourage seniors to be part of it due to their availability, but also their wide professional and life experience which represents an added value.

It depends on your birthday. To apply for the Volunteer Programme you have to be 18 years old on Friday 1st May 2020 the latest.

Volunteers from all over the country are welcome, with the mention that they will have to provide accommodation and transportation for themselves.

Of course, international volunteers can apply for the UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Programme in Munich. But all international volunteers should procure their necessary documentation for being in Germany (e.g. visa) and they will have to provide accommodation and transportation for themselves. German and English languages are a must have.

Sorry, we can’t provide any assistance in this regard. International applicants will have to obtain independently the necessary documentation. We ask for your understanding that a residence permit that is not obtained in good time may result in the rejection of the applicant.

Volunteer Benefits

The essence of volunteering is that it is undertaken without any offer or expectation of financial gain. Volunteering is giving your time and putting your skills into practice, without expecting anything in return. Volunteers gain experience and skills that can help them in their future careers.

All the selected and confirmed volunteers will benefit of:



  • Volunteer uniform


  • Catering and beverage during their shifts


  • Exclusive training


  • Free local public transport (MVV) during the event


  • Liability and accident insurance


  • Certificate of attendance


  • Volunteers „Thank You“ event


Participating in the UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Programme will give you more than the benefits mentioned above: as a volunteer, you will have the possibility to live an unforgettable and valuable experience shared with many others like you. You will become part of the UEFA EURO 2020 organising team, contributing to one of the biggest football events in the world.

The Volunteer Programme offers all participants the unique opportunity to experience a big international tournament up close and to meet people from different backgrounds who want to experience a historical moment together. And you will meet new friends and improve your skills, you will feel at home at the volunteer family.

The volunteers will not be allowed to watch the matches as spectators. Being part of the organizing team, volunteers will be in the heart of the tournament operations and feeling the amazing atmosphere.

Yes, volunteer will have free public transport within the city of Munich (MVV) covered during the operational period.

We are sorry, but every volunteer has to care about the accommodation for himself.

Your adidas-uniform will consist of different elements, but the style will be a surprise and will be presented at the kick-off-event. You can specify the size of your uniform during your online application.

Volunteer Journey

The online application form opens on 12th of June 2019 here. The application will last about 30 minutes and you have to answer in English. After registering, you can start the application form and then complete immediately or in the following days.

Unfortunately not. Because of the internationality of the event it is necessary to show that you are able to communicate in English. This is one step for you to show, that you can understand, write and talk in English.

The application process will be opened until 31st of July 2019. The 31st of July 2019 is the very last day to apply.

All applications are submitted without time submission privilege. However, we advise not to wait until the last few days of July to apply.

The registration process is only possible online. Please click here to register.

After registering online the selected candidates will join an interview. For the complete journey of a volunteer, here you can find the timeline.

If you are selected, you will be invited for a personal interview at the Football Arena Munich within August and October 2019. The interview itself will take no longer than 30 minutes and it will represent an opportunity to meet in person and go into the details of roles and domains.

Unfortunately not! After the registration period all applications will be screened and the most fitting applicants will be invited to interviews. For this reason, it is important that the application gives a comprehensive picture of the applicant. After the interviews will be a decision about the applicants who are in or out or maybe on a stand-by-list.

You will get a feedback about your confirmation or rejection within November 2019 and January 2020. You will get your role and shift plans until end of March 2020.

Roles and Domains

The Volunteer Programme consists of a wide range of volunteering opportunities. Volunteers will have various tasks, specific to the different available domains, but everyone is important and will be one face of the UEFA EURO 2020 in Munich. There are more than 20 roles you can choose from.

During the interview, you will have the chance to go into the details of the ones you might be assigned to. You can read more about operational areas in the section domains.

As a volunteer, you will have contact with spectators, other helping hands, media authorities and organizing people of EURO 2020. As first task you will support and help them in different ways.

You’ll be able to choose the roles you prefer in the application form. We recommend you reading about every domain in the respective section and make an informed decision of where you’d like to activate.

In principle volunteers will not be eligible for multiple roles. Every volunteer should be an expert in his/her role and get the functional training for this role. Only a few volunteer management volunteers will act as jumpers and have to be more available or serve as stand-by to cover other positions in case needed. In this case, flexibility and adaptability will be their strengths points and get several trainings.

In principle every volunteers has to apply by his/her own. But of course, it’s possible to give a note, that you want to be in the same domain and group as a friend of you. If both of you are selected for the interview, you can choose an interview slot together. However, there is no guarantee that both applicants will be able to participate as volunteers and that you will really be able to work together.

In general, volunteers should be available from the beginning of June to mid July 2020. However, the detailed calendar depends on the volunteer role you are selected for. You can click here to have an overview of the Match Schedule, including Match Days (MD) in Munich. Each volunteer will be informed about their shifts schedule until the end of March 2020.

Please note there are volunteers roles which serve only during MD and MD -/+1 and other ones that may start before the tournament official kick-off. The minimum availability are all four matchdays in Munich.

Every volunteer will get different trainings depending on their role. They will get a general one mainly online and a specific one on-site.

Volunteer Centre and official UEFA locations

Volunteers from the UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Programme will be given a broad range of duties at various locations, such as the Football Arena Munich as well as the official UEFA locations, like hotels and the airport. Some Event Transport volunteers are deployed at the airport, some volunteers from Guest Management and Protocol are deployed in the hotel.

The Volunteer Centre is the gathering point and the relaxing area for all the volunteers involved in the Tournament. It is located within a walking distance to the stadium, serving as office for the Volunteer Team, entertainment and training area for the volunteers.

Volunteers can enjoy facilities at the Volunteer Centre while not on shift and we hope they will share memorable moments together. In addition, you will find some snacks and drinks there.

UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Programme and Host City Munich Volunteer Programme

During the tournament, there will be two Volunteer Programmes in Munich. In addition to the UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Programme, there will be a Host City programme, too. More information about the Host City Volunteer Programme you can find here: www.muenchen.de/uefaeuro2020/volunteers

Both volunteer groups will participate in the organisation of the event: the UEFA EURO 2020 volunteers and the Host City volunteers. The Host City volunteers will be located in the city of Munich on prominent places in the city centre (central station, Marienplatz, Stachus, etc.) and in the fan zone in the Olympic Parc. The UEFA EURO 2020 volunteers will be located at the stadium as well as the official UEFA locations, like hotels and the airport.

Every programme requires a high availability and so it is not possible to be part of both programmes. Every volunteer can only be part of one of the two Volunteer Programmes. Especially the durations of shifts will overlap and so we advise to choose the one that fits the most your interests and attitude. We are sure they will both give you a memorable experience.