Intermediaries/Players' Agents


Note on pre-registration for the 2022/2023 season:

In accordance with Article 4 of the DFB Regulations for Players' Agents/Intermediaries, it is possible - on a voluntary basis - to pre-register as an agent/intermediary for the 2022/23 season from 1 February 2022. FIFA is known to be working on a reform of the regulations, including plans to reintroduce a licence instead of the current registration. It is understood that the new FIFA regulations are to come into force at the end of 2022. As the DFB (just like any other FIFA member association) is bound to implement FIFA rules, it may well be that (i) your pre-registration will not be valid for the entire 2022/2023 season and that (ii) you will have to obtain an additional FIFA licence in the course of the season if you wish to work as an agent/intermediary. Since pre-registration under Article 4 of the DFB Regulations referred to above is by definition voluntary, i.e. not mandatory, and given the imponderables involved, you are free to refrain from doing so at this point in time. However, until the planned new regulations come into force, REGISTRATION in accordance with Article 3 of the DFB Regulations remains obligatory if you are involved in a transaction as an agent/intermediary.

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Pursuant to Article 4 of the DFB regulations for working with intermediaries/agents, the latter may submit applications for pre-registration. Any natural or legal person who intends to participate in a transaction as an intermediary during a given season may apply for pre-registration for the following season from 1 February of each calendar year. Clubs and players who use the services of a pre-registered intermediary are thus exempt from the obligation to submit the criminal record clearance certificate and proof of payment of the registration fee to the DFB as part of a transaction. Any pre-registration will be valid for one season only.

Please remember that the application will only be processed once all required documents have been correctly submitted by the applicant. In addition, the approval procedure pursuant to Article 4 of the DFB regulations for working with intermediaries/agents may take some time. Therefore, we recommend early use of the pre-registration option (see above). If you have any questions regarding a valid application, you can find further helpful information in our FAQs.

Intermediaries wishing to have themselves pre-registered pursuant to Article 4 are kindly requested to follow the steps listed below in this order:

  • Fill in the online application form completely and correctly and send it off.
  • Sign the binding DFB intermediary declaration for natural persons and/or legal entities and send it to us by mail (see appendices 1 and 2 of the DFB regulations for working with intermediaries/agents).*
  • Send by mail a criminal record clearance certificate ("certificate of good conduct") issued by the Federal Republic of Germany or – as described in Article 2 no. 2 para 2 of the DFB regulations for working with intermediaries/agents – an equivalent foreign document in one of the FIFA languages specified in the FIFA Statutes (German, English, French or Spanish), with neither document dating back longer than 3 months at the time of application. If the certificate is submitted in another language, an officially certified translation into German shall be enclosed.
  • After receipt of the invoice, pay the registration fee of EUR 500. The invoice will be issued by the DFB Accounting Dept. as soon as all required documents have been received correctly (see above 1.-3.) and shall only then be settled by the applicant.
  • If there are no other reasons speaking against the applicant taking up the activity of intermediary/agent, the DFB central administration will issue written confirmation that the person concerned is pre-registered with the DFB for the respective season. We recommend that you keep this document in a safe place as no duplicate will be issued.

Please note that it is essential to send the original of the intermediary declaration and the criminal record clearance certificate by post to the address below:

DFB e.V. / Abteilung Services & Sicherheit
Fachbereich Spielervermittlung
Schwarzwaldstr. 121
60528 Frankfurt

Please note: when applying for a criminal record clearance certificate, the above DFB address may be given as the recipient/addressee.

*The intermediary declaration is a central part of the regulations. By way of their signature, the intermediaries/agents confirm that in exercising their activities, they will comply with the applicable statutes and regulations of FIFA as well as with those issued by the confederations and member associations, that they are of impeccable repute and have no contractual relationship with any national and/or international leagues and/or associations that might lead to a possible conflict of interest.