Intermediaries/Players' Agents


The DFB maintains a register where intermediaries / players' agents must be mentioned if and when they are involved in a transaction. Depending on the party - player or club – using the intermediary's / agent's services, said party is responsible for registering them in accordance with Art. 3 DFB Regulations for Players' Agents (hereinafter referred to as 'RfSV', the German abbreviation of Reglement für Spielervermittlung). After completion of a transaction, the party commissioning the transaction shall submit the documents listed below (cf. under heading registration) to the responsible member association or make demonstrable efforts to have the intermediary / agent submit the documents. In addition, we would recommend making use of the pre-registration option (reserved for intermediaries / agents) in accordance with Art. 4 RfSV.

REGISTRATION according to Art. 3 RfSV (only clubs or players)

In order to register an intermediary / agent within the scope of a transaction, the club or player shall submit the following documents to the DFB:

  • the completed and signed application form pursuant to Art. 3 RfSV,
  • the signed binding DFB Intermediary Declaration for natural persons or legal entities (see Annex 1 and 2 RfSV),
  • the intermediary's / agent's criminal record clearance certificate issued by the Federal Republic of Germany or a corresponding foreign document in accordance with Art. 2 no. 2, para. 2 RfSV in one of the FIFA languages as specified in the FIFA Statutes (German, English, French or Spanish), which is not older than 3 months at the time of application. If the certificate is submitted in another language, an officially certified translation in German and the original document shall be enclosed.
  • the DFB Intermediary Contract (contract between player, intermediary/agent and club). This requirement does not apply if it has already been submitted to the DFL or will be submitted there.

The club/player is to submit the electronic document to In addition, the original of the Intermediary Declaration and the criminal record clearance certificate shall be sent be regular post to the DFB Central Administration, Department Services & Safety – Intermediaries Unit, Otto-Fleck-Schneise 6, 60528 Frankfurt. Note: When applying for a criminal record clearance certificate, the above-mentioned DFB address may be given as the recipient. The invoice for the registration fee of EUR 500 will be issued by the DFB Accounting Dept. as soon as all the necessary documents have been received (see bullet points above); only after receipt of said invoice shall the intermediary / agent concerned settle it. To enable the DFB to issue the invoice, the relevant application form must be completed in full.

The DFB Intermediary Declaration is a central component of the regulations as the intermediary / agent confirms with his signature that he will comply with the applicable FIFA Statutes and Regulations as well as those issued by the confederations and member associations when carrying out his activities, that he is of impeccable repute and that he has no contractual relationship with national and international leagues and associations that could lead to a possible conflict of interest.