Intermediaries/Players' Agents

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Who must register an intermediary with the DFB?

The application for registration of an intermediary / player agent in accordance with Article 3 DFB Regulations for Player Agents (hereinafter referred to as RfSV) is reserved for clubs and players. In principle, anyone who has been involved in a relevant transaction as an intermediary / player agent must be registered with the DFB by the club or the player.

2. Who can have themselves pre-registered with the DFB?

Anyone can pre-register with the DFB as an intermediary / player agent. In principle, the same conditions apply to all natural and legal persons; there are no exceptions made, e.g. for persons who held a licence under the old licensing system, which is no longer valid today.

3. Is there a need for every lawyer involved in concluding a professional player employment contract or transfer agreement to be registered with the DFB as an intermediary / player agent?

No. If a lawyer provides legal services within the scope of a legal mandate (e.g. contract negotiations, contract reviews, etc.), neither the submission of an intermediary declaration nor a registration with the DFB is required. However, if a lawyer is involved in the conclusion of a professional player employment contract or a transfer agreement acting as an intermediary / player agent outside of his/her legal mandate, he/she must be registered in the intermediaries' register just like any other natural or legal person.

4. What is the difference between registration (Article 3 RfSV) and pre-registration (Article 4 RfSV)?

Registration according to Article 3 RfSV is mandatory after the conclusion of a relevant transaction (change of club, conclusion of first employment contract, contract extension). A voluntary pre-registration according to Article 4 RfSV may be made at any time before the conclusion of a relevant transaction. Pre-registered intermediaries / player agents are included in the pertinent list on the DFB website. Pre-registration reduces the registration effort for all clubs (and players) involved from the first transaction onwards, as the fee has already been paid and the certificate of good conduct submitted. In addition, a completed pre-registration will signal to clubs and players that the intermediary / player agent is in a position to comply with the registration obligations and all other applicable provisions.

5. When can a pre-registration be made?

In principle, pre-registration for the current season is possible at any time. As applications for pre-registration for the following season may be submitted from as early as 1 February of each year, we recommend that you apply for pre-registration before 30 April of the previous season.

6. How long does it take to process an application for pre-registration?

Provided all documents are complete and meet the conditions stated on the application form and the invoice has been paid, the confirmation can be sent and published on within approx. four weeks.

7. How long is a (pre-)registration valid? And is it possible to pre-register for several years in advance?

A pre-registration is always valid until the end of the respective season (30 June) and must be renewed every season by submitting the necessary documents. However, the certificate of good conduct only needs to be resubmitted every second season.

8. What else do I need to be aware of when registering according to Article 3 RfSV?

Registration in accordance with Article 3 RfSV is mandatory after the conclusion of each relevant transaction (change of club, conclusion of first employment contract, contract extension). This applies regardless of whether the intermediary / player agent has already been pre-registered or registered in the context of one or several other transaction(s). In this case, however, only an intermediary declaration and a copy of the intermediary agreement need to be submitted for further registrations in the season in question. If the transaction concerns a club of the DFL, the intermediary agreement needs to be submitted to the DFL only.

9. How can I speed up the processing of my application?

The quickest way is for all the required documents and application forms to be filled in as described, either electronically or at least legibly (pls use block letters) in advance by e-mail (PDF format only). In parallel, please send all documents in the original by mail.

10. Is there any limit in terms of data volume?

Yes, the entire file size incl. attachments should not exceed 5MB.

11. Can the DFB automatically send me a registration invoice for the next season?

No. The DFB Finance Department can only issue invoices after receipt of an application and presentation of all the necessary documents as required for a specific season or transaction.

12. Who can I turn to with questions about my invoice?

Please contact

13. Is the registration fee due only once per firm/agency?

No. The registration fee is payable for every season and every individual intermediary / player agent.

14. Am I allowed to delete certain provisions in the intermediary declaration before signing it?

No. Only signed DFB intermediary declarations in the original and without any deletions will be accepted for the pre-registration and registration process.

15. Do I need to submit proof of having taken out a D&O liability insurance?

No. The DFB does not make it a compulsory requirement for intermediaries / player agents to take out such insurance. However, for anyone to be covered in the event of professional losses, it is advisable to take out financial loss liability insurance on a voluntary basis.

16. Which foreign-issued documents are recognised as equivalent to the German ' Führungszeugnis'?

The document submitted must refer to the person wishing to be registered as an intermediary / player agent, not to the company for which this person works (i.e. we do not need an extract from the commercial register, for example). The following documents are considered equivalents:

France: Extrait du casier judiciaire
Italy: Certificato Penale del Casellario Giudiziale
Netherlands: Certificate of good conduct
Austria: Strafregisterbescheinigung
Switzerland: Strafregisterauszug
Spain: Antecedentes penales
UK: Criminal record (DBS)

17. What kind of document do I need if mine does not correspond to any of those shown under 16 above?

A foreign document in accordance with Article 2 no. 2, para 2. RfSV issued in one of the FIFA languages as specified in the FIFA Statutes or, alternatively, the original customary in the respective country accompanied by an officially certified German translation, also in the original.

18. What do I have to do if in my country of residence there is no such thing as a Tax ID nor a VAT identity number making it impossible for me to enter this information in the application document?

In this case, applicants must prove by means of an original document issued by the competent authority that such identity numbers do not exist in the country of residence. The language requirements specified above for the certificate of good conduct apply.

19. Will an electronic document be considered?

Generally speaking no, unless you can submit officially confirmed proof by the issuing authority in the original that the country concerned simply does not have any hardcopy variants of such a document. This officially confirmed proof must be attached to the application in the original and requires a certified German translation that shall be submitted to the DFB in the original.

20. Will physical cards or passes be issued?

No such cards or passes will be issued. Old passes must be returned to the DFB in accordance with Article 10 RfSV. Registered intermediaries / player agents receive a DFB-issued confirmation of registration in the German language. We recommend that this be kept in a safe place.

21. Can I have my company/agency registered?

No. But the company/agency may be mentioned together with the name of the intermediary / player agent on the registered intermediaries' page.

22. How recent must the certificate of good conduct be?

At the time of submission, the certificate of good conduct issue date must not be older than three months.

23. Does my status as an intermediary / player agent registered with the DFB allow me to work abroad?

No, registration and pre-registration with the DFB are only effective for your activities as an intermediary / player agent in Germany.

24. Do I have to have a place of residence in Germany?


25, What official title am I allowed to carry?

"Intermediary / player agent (pre-)registered with the DFB".

26. Am I allowed to use the DFB word mark or logo?


27. Are there any exemptions granted from the terms and conditions specified above?


Status as at 4 November 2020, complemented by a correction in question 2 and an added question 3 on 15 July 2021.