Since 1981, the Women’s DFB Cup forms an integral part of the tournament plan. The teams of the women’s Bundesliga of the last season and the cup winners of the 21 sub-regional associations are qualified. If a promoted team is also cup winner of its sub-regional association, no other team is entitled to participate.

The cup finals are played in four rounds. The matchings are drawn. The first club drawn will have the home advantage. In order to reduce the number of participating teams to 32, the cup winners of the sub-regional associations have to play qualifying games. The participants of the required qualifying games are drawn. The game committee can form regional qualifying groups.

The first and second rounds are played separately in regionally drawn groups. The game committee will assign the qualified clubs to these groups according to geographical aspects. The game committee can determine two or four groups. In the second round, the game committee is not required to determine the groups.

In the first and second round, the drawing will take place from two separate pots, which contain the qualified women’s Bundesliga teams and the teams of the sub-regional associations respectively. In the games against the women’s Bundesliga teams, the clubs from the sub-regional associations have the home advantage in the first and second round.

If there is no winner after the regular playing time of 90 minutes, there will be a 30-minute overtime (2x15 minutes). In case of a draw after the overtime period, the winner will be determined by a penalty shoot-out. The loser drops out of the competition.

The two winners of the last round will meet in the final that takes place in the Berliner Olympiastadion since 1985. If there is no winner after the regular playing time, the winner will be determined by a penalty shoot-out.

last update: 22.05.2003