The trophy

The first DFB cup for women was presented in 1981 to the club SSG Bergisch Gladbach who won it again in the following year. This trophy consisted of a scroll of Sterling silver ornamented with a laurel twig; engraved to the back were the names of the victorious teams.

In 1994, the goldsmith and designer Adolf Kunesch who had created the scroll was entrusted with the design of a new trophy. This one is 45 cm high, it has a volume of approx. 45 litres and weighs about three kilograms.

The trophy consists of two interlocking semispheres. On its left side, from the top downwards, it carries the inscription "Vereinspokal der Damen". Underneath is the emblem of the DFB. On its right runs a contrasting band of nine gem plates of green-blue chrysocolla. Inside, the cup is gold-plated. The names of the winners are always engraved on the back.

The material value is in the order of 10,000 EURO, but it is by far exceeded by the ideal value, because achieving the DFB cup comes next to the winning of the DFB women’s soccer championship.

Der DFB-Pokal

Bainca Rech from 1. FFC Frankfurt celebrates the cup win 2003.