First round

For the season 2009/2010 the first round of the DFB Cup will be drawn from two different pots, one containing the clubs from Bundesliga and Second Bundesliga, the other containing all other teams. For the pots, the status of the competition year to be drawn will apply except for the teams, which have won promotion for the Second Bundesliga and the 15th of the last Second Bundesliga season.

The same will apply for the 16th placed team of the Second Bundesliga, if it qualified for the new season via relegation matches. The draw will start with one lot taken out of the second pot, followed by a lot drawn from the Bundesliga pot. The team, which has been drawn first will have home game advantage. The winners of the matches will proceed to the second round.

Second round

The same procedure will be applied for the draw of the second round. If there are no lots left in one of the bowls, the lots will be drawn from the remaining pot only. The winners of the matches will proceed to the rounf of the last 16.

Round of the last 16, quarterfinal, semi-final

Starting with the round of the last 16, there will only be one single bowl. The home advantage is with the club drawn first, unless one of the two is an amateur club that, if drawn against a professional Bundesliga club, will be granted home advantage.

The final

The two finalists will meet at a venue defined by the German Footnall Association (DFB) for the cup final.

Determining the winner

If after the end of the normal playing time the score is still level, extra-time of 2 x 15 minutes will be played, and if after that time there is still no winner, the final decision will be by penalty shoot-out.


A player, who has been booked for the fifth time during the actual competition, will be banned for one game. Bans resulting from red cards will be transferred to the following season of the competition. If a player will receive a red card following two yellow cards during the final, he will be banned for the first game of the following competition year.


64 teams will take part in the DFB Cup. In addition to the 18 Bundesliga teams and the 18 teams of the 2nd Bundesliga of the past season, the winners of the 21 regional cups, as well as the champion, second-, third- and fourth-placed teams of the Third League of the past season are qualified.

Reserve teams of licensed clubs are not eligible for the DFB Cup. Furthermore, two teams from the same club or corporate entity are eligible to play in the DFB Cup. In case, that a regional cup has been won by a reserve team of a licensed club or a team of a club already qualified for the DFB Cup, the following eligible team in the ranking of the regional cup will take its place.

If the champion, second-, third- or fourth-placed team of the past season of the Third League has already qualified for the DFB Cup by winning a regional cup competition or is the reserve team of a licensed club, the following eligible team of the regional cup competition or of the Third-League table will take its place.

The remaining places up to the number 64 will be rewarded to the regional associations, which have the most male senior teams in league operations. Each association can only supply one more participant. The decision on which associations will be chosen, will be taken by the responsible DFB board according to the actual DFB statistics of members. Each regional association has to be represented by one amateur team.

Team partnerships are not eligible for the DFB Cup. A requirement for the participation is a declaration, which secures a stadium, which doesn't necessarily has to be in the domicile of the club, free of advertisement for the eventual case of a live television coverage. In case, that the club is not the owner of the stadium, an according declaratiuon by the proprietor has to be submitted.

last update: 01.06.2009