The mode

Since September 2, 1997, 12 teams compete in the single-track women's Bundesliga for the German championship. Until 1990, there were two local groups of 10 teams each competing for the championship. With the begiining of the 1990/91 season the splitted Bundesliga with two local groups was installed. It was in the 1973/74 season when the German women's soccer title was awarded for the first time. At that time, the championship was played in the form of a tournament.

Today the playing mode for women is the same as for men: Matches are played in a round robin mode in first and second leg ties (at home and away). The bottom two teams of the table are relegated directly and are replaced by the champions of the two Second Women's Bundesligas.

Since 1995/96, the 3-point rule is being applied. The winner of each match gets three points (formerly two), and in case of a draw each team gets one point, the loser of the match gets none.

last update: 17.04.2012