The blink of an eye where a goal becomes soccer history: Jürgen Sparwasser scores against the German keeper Sepp Maier and gets his team in the lead 1-0 after 78 minutes played.
The german soccer association (DFV) of the former GDR became part of the International Football Association FIFA in 1952. In the same year the GDR national team played there first official match after a few inofficial ones. The DFV selection lost at Warsaw on Septembre 21st 1952 against the polish team 0-3. The biggest win in GDR soccer history came on the 22 June of 1974: During the world championship in Germany, the DFV-Team won against the German team - that nevertheless became world champion later - with 1-0. Jürgen Sparwasser became part of the soccer history with his goal.

The win of the golden medal at the olympic sommer games in Monreal 1976 is still unforgotten. The team of coach Georg Buschner achieved a 3-1 against Poland in the final. Another success from club-view was the win of the cup winners' cup in 1974 when 1.FC Magdeburg celebrated a 2-0 win against the big AC Milan.
At the 8th of May 1974 the 1.FC Magdeburg wins the cup winners' cup after a 2-0 success against AC Milan in Rotterdam.