DFB has another all-time high

DFB has increased its members again



For the first time in its 100 year-plus history, the German Football Association (DFB) counts more than 6.8 million members – exactly 6,800,128 male and female footballers (that's 50,340 up from last year) are currently registered with clubs affiliated to the DFB's 21 sub-regional FAs.


"This in itself is a hugely impressive figure, but it's also a development that reflects the high profile of the game in Germany," says DFB President Wolfgang Niersbach. "At the same time, we are perfectly aware of the demographic changes upon us and know that our status depends on whether we're able to provide top-quality services and interesting competitions at grassroots level in the future. This is the challenge we've got to embrace as an association."


Last year's 0.75 percent increase in the number of male adult players was topped by that in women and girls aged 16 and under – the former now count 734,903 (up two percent), and the latter 342,312 (up one percent).


"It's great to see so many new members in the female game," confirms Hannelore Ratzeburg, DFB Vice-President Women's Football. "The one-million mark was first reached in 2011, to no small degree thanks to the Women's World Cup, which was a fantastic incentive for girls and women to join local clubs."


While membership figures have risen, the number of clubs and teams registered at their respective sub-regional FAs has dropped – a slightly worrying trend that the DFB is determined to stop by working even harder.


Says DFB General Secretary Helmut Sandrock: "Looking back at the Grassroots Congress organised in Kassel in February 2012, and having listened long and hard to what the delegates had to say, we now know what the challenges are, where exactly they expect the DFB to help, and what kind of service we've got to provide. It's all about enabling local clubs to do their jobs well."





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